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10 Benefits of Starting a Bullet Journal

If you missed the New Year’s bandwagon for getting organized, it’s time you learned about the Bullet Journal.

For those of you who don’t know what a bullet journal is, it is a way to track your daily activities, monthly goals, to-do lists, and more. Bullet journaling is so popular because it makes you feel more productive throughout the day.

I’m super biased because I LOVE my bullet journal. But, hey, it’s fun! And there is a surprising lack of people who even know what it is!

So, today I’m going to walk you through 10 reasons why you should start a bullet journal, and then how you can start one!

Here we go!

1. Organize your life

A bullet journal is the perfect way to get your life in order! There are a number of things you can use a bullet journal for, but the main purpose of one is to organize different aspects of your life.

Whether it be your fitness and health goals, money tracking, or just a log of your daily activities, you’re organizing your data into one convenient location. This makes it a lot easier to assess your progress and growth through your journey.

2. It’s a creative outlet.

I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a creative outlet. Whether it be through drawing, singing, writing, playing an instrument, or something else, humans crave creativity. It’s a good way for you to release your emotions and thoughts.

Overall, bullet journals are just good for the soul, because not having a creative outlet can really drive you crazy! Plus, a bullet journal is yours, it’s something you have control over and nobody else can take it away from you!

‘I never thought about writing. I was married young, I was still in college, as we did then, and I had two babies before I was 25, and I loved them, and I loved taking care of them, but I was a little bit cuckoo, staying at home and not having a creative outlet.’
– Judy Blume

3. Hone in on your writing skills

When I first started my bullet journal, I hated writing. I loved to draw, and I saw all of these beautiful pages from other’s bullet journals that incorporated both writing and drawing, so I thought I’d give writing a shot, even though I had tried starting a journal a million times before but the writing always got to me.

Now that I can actually include both writing and drawing, I enjoy it much more. And I genuinely like to write! My writing has definitely improved as I’ve gone along, so I’m really thankful that I got into writing because it’s a lot of fun!

(Starting a blog is another good way to improve your writing skills! If you’d like to start one, check out my simple tutorial over here!)

4. Track your progress

I kind of mentioned this earlier, but tracking your progress is so important!It’s so convenient and when it’s all in one place you can view multiple goals and achievements that you’ve accomplished that it’s so easy to see how far you’ve come and how close you are to completing your goals!

I find it really helpful to see my progress, as it really motivates me to finish out with my goal after seeing how far I’ve come.

5. Memories

Just like with a normal journal, flipping through old entries can really cause some major nostalgia! If you’re like me and have a horrible memory, a bullet journal is a great way to keep some of your favorite memories alive that you may have forgotten about.

Personally, I love looking through old journal pages and being reminded of some of the best times. The difference between a bullet journal and a normal journal in this sense is that you can include some of your keepsakes from a particular event (tickets from the event, pictures, etc.) which further allows you to visualize the moment in time.

6. Stick with things

I really struggle with sticking with things. Sports, books, etc. Even if I enjoy something, after a while it just gets pushed out of the way for other projects I want to accomplish.

But with my bullet journal, I’ve actually learned to stick with it! I think the difference here is that a bullet journal is a constant project. When I finish a book, that’s it. It’s over. But with a bullet journal, I am always tracking something, always able to add on to it.

If you are like me, and have trouble sticking with projects, a bullet journal can really teach you how to stay the course and keep going.

7. It looks pretty

Compared to a regular journal, Bullet Journals are much more aesthetically pleasing. I mean, just look at some of the pages on Pinterest or Instagram! How gorgeous are they?!

8. Endless possibilities

Seriously, you can go on Pinterest right now and find tons of page ideas for a bullet journal (you can also view my post over here full of 50 Bullet Journal Page Ideas [With Examples!]) You can even find different page ideas for the exact same page! Many pages on Pinterest or Instagram are tracking the exact same thing but take on a very different look!

9. It’s fun

If you don’t have fun with your bullet journal, then you’re doing it wrong! The key to having fun with a bullet journal is to not take it too seriously, otherwise it will seem more like a chore than a hobby.

10. It’s inexpensive!

Possibly one of the best reasons to start a bullet journal is that it’s cheap! While some people like to have a good quality journal, such as a moleskine journal, you don’t have to! Bullet journals can be just as fun with a notebook lying around the house. And you can use a regular pen or pencil, so it’s really no cost to you if you already have this stuff!

Hopefully this will encourage you to get started on your own bullet journal! Let me know how it goes!


If you want to start a bullet journal but don’t know where to start, check out my post over here. If you have a bullet journal but want some inspiration, check out these 50 Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Before I go, I’ve got to admit something to you guys- I’ve taken on a bit more than I can handle. I’ve been aiming for posting three times a week, but obviously I’ve dropped the ball this past week. Some things have come up and I will now be trying to post once a week or at least 2 posts a month. We’ll see, but I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates!