The Best Affiliate Program for Every New Blogger

Hey guys! Today I’m going to tackle a big misconception that is out there on the internet right now, and that is: as a brand-new blogger, you can’t really start affiliate marketing.

I think a big reason for this is because a lot of affiliate programs will reject you if you do not have enough page views, a strong social media presence, or simply that you just don’t have enough content yet.

So what is affiliate marketing?

First, let me explain what this is. Affiliate marketing is where you team up with an affiliate program to promote certain products or services. When someone buys an item through your link, you receive a small commission for that purchase. Easy enough, right?

While there are so many blog posts out there about all the different types of affiliate programs out there, I think we can all agree that the Amazon Associates is one of, if not the best, affiliate programs for new bloggers.

1. You can join the program with basically no page views.

As a fairly new blogger myself, I was pretty skeptical of the program at first, as I had been shut down by numerous affiliate programs because I just don’t have the numbers behind my blog yet! But when I signed up for Amazon Associate, and was accepted? I was so giddy, guys!

That is one reason I really like this program, because we all have to start somewhere, right? So how can we make money right out of the gate with no support? It can be extremely discouraging getting shut down left and right because you’re a new blogger with no followers yet, but Amazon Associates really steps up to the plate and allows you to do what an affiliate program is supposed to- make money!

2. It is perfect for every niche.

It doesn’t matter if your blog is focused on DIY, food, money, or lifestyle, Amazon basically has it all! And who hasn’t heard of amazon.com before? I know I’ve spent a good number of hours searching through all of the products and probably spending more than I should, haha!

But how does this help you when it comes to affiliate marketing?

When it comes to blogging for profit, you want everything easily accessible so you can find the link to your product quickly and you can focus more on writing your post!

Plus, because Amazon offers so many different items, you know that the product you’re looking for is likely on there. The more products you can link to, the better!

As a new blogger, it is also confusing trying to figure out the tricks to getting links and banners onto your page, which is why Amazon Associates is so helpful! It is organized for easy access!

No matter what product you want to link back to, you can simply search for the product, get the link/banner, and put it in your post! It’s really that easy.

3. Even if people don’t buy the product you linked to, you still get paid!

This is one of my favorite things about Amazon Associates. Suppose you link to an item, and someone clicks through to that item, but doesn’t buy it. If they stay on that page and instead buys something else, you still get paid for that sale.

For example, say I link to a moleskine journal, and you click that link. But instead of buying that journal, you buy a composition book. Because you still used my link to get to Amazon’s website, I still get a small commission. It doesn’t add anything to the price of your purchase, but I, the blogger, still get paid! Win-win!


Affiliate marketing the perfect way to start monetizing your blog, especially if you are just learning how to start making money from your blog. What’s stopping you from going ahead and signing up?


I hope you take this opportunity to go ahead and sign up for Amazon Associates now!

Is this your favorite affiliate program? If no, which one is? Let me know!




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