How to Easily Remove Those Sticky Labels From Glass Bottles

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE using those Starbucks frappucino bottles for DIY crafts. Whether it’s a DIY flower vase or one of those hot chocolate mix gift bottles, these bottles are perfect!

However, what isn’t so great is when you’re removing the labels and they leave that sticky stuff behind.

Whether it’s for a DIY craft or just because you like to save and reuse them, trying to remove the sticky labels from glass bottles can be a real pain.

Worry no more! Today I’m going to show you how to easily remove those sticky labels with little to no scrubbing and with tools you probably already have in your kitchen!

Let’s get to it!

1. Empty and wash out your bottle.

This trick will work on any glass bottle with that awful sticky residue, but I find that Starbucks bottles ALWAYS have that stuff on them after taking off the label.

Here is the bottle I will be using:

While you don’t necessarily have to empty out the bottle for this to work, if you’re doing some kind of DIY project you likely will anyway, and this gives you an excuse to go ahead and wash it out (and drink your delicious frappucino!)

After you wash out the interior, run warm water over the label. This sometimes makes it easier to pull off the label.

2. Pull off the label

Once you have it nice and clean, go ahead and tear your labels off!

Don’t worry about the sticky residue left behind, we’ll get to that in a second!

3. Grab a stick of butter and rub it on the sticky residue

It should look something like this:

Don’t be afraid to lather it on! Make sure you cover it all up, otherwise you may have to repeat step #3 and 4 a few times!

4. Rub the bottle with a scrubber while running it under hot water.

While I used this to scrub the bottle:

you can use anything! A washcloth will still do the trick, although it may take a little more power behind the scrubbing!

Whatever you use, make sure you are running fairly hot water over the bottle while you do this! It will make this process go a lot smoother!

5. Repeat Step #3 and #4 as necessary.

Next, you may have to repeat the last couple of steps if there is any residue left. Because I added too little butter the first time, I had to do this twice.

Here is the final result!

These glass bottles are PERFECT for all kinds of DIY projects, and now you can easily take off that sticky residue! I hope this helped, and if you have any questions be sure to ask below!


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